Lacking accomplishment

At the end of April I was let go from my full time position. I made plans for this period of time I would be unemployed. These included finishing an online study at your own pace program, spending more time with my family, and working on writing.

All of these have been put into motion! The main focus is and will always be on my family. This, as it always will be my main focus , it has caused other areas to fall behind. This is leading to a feeling of lack of accomplishment.

In my head I planned on being done school by now. Unfortunately, I am not even close. Over the last 6 weeks only three lessons are completed. Granted these lessons were bigger then anticipated, but still not good. Part of this is not spending as much time studying as I should, time management is a little bit of an issue as I get use to working from home. Another road block is all home life responsibilities falling to me as well.

Now that I am home all the dishes are left for me to wash, laundry to do, as well as ALL the shopping. Yes I like looking for deals, but I loathe shopping. It seems at least twice a week I am going shopping.

With my weekends opening up I am hoping to limit the weekday trips which will lead to more study time during the week. My son also finishes school for the year tomorrow, another adjustment in the making!

Today is a study day, so let’s get to it!

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