Why we stay.

Over the last few years my family had the opportunity to move in with my parents. A trend more and more people are doing in order to save money in this expensive time when cost of living is much higher then incomes. We seriously considered it after our oldest was born. We held out only for the fact my commute would have went from 10.5 miles to over 60 miles one way. In my son’s first year of life, that would not have been sustainable for me.

Shortly after our son turned 1, my parents made a HUGE decision and one I am very happy for them for making. My parents decided to retire and move to Florida. My brother and his family moved down the year before. My parents went to visit just before my youngest nephew’s second birthday. It took one week and my parents made plans to have a house built. They offered for us to move with them.

Offered again once they moved in. Continue to offer every couple of months . . .

Now what could keep us in a home we cannot currently afford and barely scrapping by? I would normally answer my job. For a while that was true. Tough even as the job began to change and became less enjoyable I would still say the job. Only that was not it, not really.

When I dream of when I can go anywhere and live anywhere, one thing keeps bringing me back to where we are now. It is not the house we live in or the possibility of what we could have or the sense of failure if we do leave. More it is my second family. The friends who are more than just friends.

These people are the ones that opened my eyes and heart to a world outside of the everyday. These are the people who watched me grow, fall and claw my way back up with the same support and love my family showed me.

Who are they? They are my Special Olympics Family. They are people who come from all walks of life and into mine and various stages. There is not one that I can imagine life without.

Paulaanne, "my idol"!
Paulaanne, “my idol”!
The Dream Team!
Me, Paulaanne, Natalie, Carol volunteering at Floor Hockey Tournament 2007

How am I to move to another state and leave them behind? How can I not see them every weekend? I am not saying they are more important then my family by blood, but they represent a part of my life I do not know how to let go. My family is a part of me I will never have to choose between. No matter how far apart we live we will always be a phone call away. Will I be able to say the same for my other family?

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