Another day, another day trip

This season is turning in to the Summer of Day Trips.

While I was working full time this was not something we were able to really do. Last summer I tried to make the most of the season passes to Sesame place and spend time with my son, especially since I was expecting our second child. I really wanted him to know he is and was still important despite the change to our family dynamic.  At the end of last year we took advantage of a deal and renewed our season passes. Just before I lost my job in April we purchased a family membership to the zoo. We did this knowing that with two to three visits it would pay for it’s self, we have already gone twice!

Dinosaur at the Philadelphia Zoo!
Dinosaur at the Philadelphia Zoo!

On Monday, we took advantage of Wawa paying for the entry to the Franklin Institute.   It held promise  of being a great time.  My son was so excited.  Yet it was so packed we could barely move.  We will try and go back another day.  We want to take him to the Museum of Natural History to see Dinosaurs! (Thank you Kids Stuff Book coupons!)

Yesterday afternoon I took the kids on a solo trip, hoping to give their Dad a chance to work some more on our son’s big boy room.  We went to the adventure aquarium!

Adventure Aquarium Camden Waterfront
Adventure Aquarium Camden Waterfront

My son has been here several times over the past year.  One of the reasons why twice already this year he has gone was for the Dinosaurs of the Deep Exhibit.  My son LOVES dinos and dino fish, as he calls them.

2015-06-30 12.56.31 2015-06-30 13.07.54 2015-06-30 12.56.21

Yesterday was the last day for the exhibit and I have not been the aquarium in at least 20 years.  It was a lot of fun!  My son loved the sharks, go figure!  My daughter loved starring at all the colorful fish.  I loved watching them!

2015-06-30 15.02.46 2015-06-30 14.32.15 2015-06-30 14.31.58 2015-06-30 14.30.31 2015-06-30 14.29.22 2015-06-30 14.12.55 2015-06-30 14.12.33 2015-06-30 13.24.37 2015-06-30 13.24.25 2015-06-30 13.22.21 2015-06-30 13.20.22 2015-06-30 13.19.29 2015-06-30 13.18.20 2015-06-30 13.17.45 2015-06-30 13.17.28 2015-06-30 13.16.15

We briefly went outside to see the penguins too!

2015-06-30 13.00.36
Mom, can I play too!

The Hippos were closed most of the day, we only got to see them just as we were leaving.  I did get to see a Sea Turtle!

Sea Turtle!
Sea Turtle!

Today we are taking a break from adventures, but tomorrow is a new day!

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