We are on a real vacation – Part 1

With all the changes in our world we have not considered taking a real vacation this year.  Between the birth our daughter and my loosing my job the finances just were not there, or so we thought.

This year my Mom turned 70. My sisters and I were at a loss to give her to make this year special.  Last year on her birthday was when things fell apart between my Mom and brother resulting in us be locked out of his and m nephews world.  I do not know all the details and will not go into them, but do know my mom lives for her kids and grand-kids.  Not seeing her oldest grandsons has been devastating this last year.

As a result my two sisters and I pooled together the funds for my husband, two kids and I to fly down to Florida for 8 days!

My Sisters! Donna (Left), Me (center), Cheryl (Right)
My Sisters! Donna (Left), Me (center), Cheryl (Right) and Gavin (front – picture crashing!)

I am so grateful for my family!  Unfortunately my sister Donna was not able to get the time off from work to join us.

The first few days were spent catching up with my Mom.  We came in early on Sunday and spent the day at home.  Monday my Mom and husband took the kids to the beach in the morning so I could study (nerds are cool and school waits for no one!) The afternoon was spent at a local swimming pool with splash area for the kids.

Tuesday we changed it up and became tourists!  Our daughter stayed home with Nana and Pop pop and we took our son to Universal Studios Adventure Island.  He loves dinosaurs and that is where the Jurassic Park section is located.  He is only 3 so we knew our options where limited.

We did not get to many pictures in this part of the park as my son was always on the move!  Here is some of what we did get to see!

2015-07-14 11.16.19
Water Cannons!
2015-07-14 12.10.03
Watch out! G cooling off after riding the pteranodon flyer!
2015-07-14 12.24.40
OH NO T-Rex!
2015-07-14 12.25.23
Awww nice T-Rex!
2015-07-14 12.51.09
Lunch Selfie
2015-07-14 13.06.01
2015-07-14 13.04.56
2015-07-14 13.13.58
Allosaurus! Run Away!!!!


It wasn’t all dinos at Universal.  Before we left we did a quick stop to Diagon Alley for wands and Butter Beer.  I also got a distant look at Hogwarts.

2015-07-14 13.17.43
We have arrived!
2015-07-14 13.18.36
Hog warts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts!
2015-07-14 13.41.59
Butter beer!
2015-07-14 13.45.31
Actually we all got some!
2015-07-14 19.30.51
Our wands! Funny how the 3 year old got the biggest one and my husband has the smallest one!
2015-07-14 14.00.49
The two worlds we wanted and did visit. Dinos and magic, perfect together!


We did not get to visit everything we wanted, bu will be back another time.  Our next vacation installment . . . DISNEY!!!!!

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