Month: September 2015

Where did the time go?

It is difficult to believe fall is officially here, we are heading into October and I have not written since August.  Where did the time go?

The end of August was filled with last minute summer day trips.  More visits to the aquarium as both my children decided they did not want to nap and miss another second of summer. Another visit to the Garden State Discovery Museum with friends.   A day with a friend at Sesame Place before school started back up. The last weeks of summer where filled with adventures for the kids and sleep deprivation for me.

My son started back to preschool three half days a week starting September 1st.

2015-09-01 08.37.07

One would think this means more time to get things done! NOPE!  My son cannot be dropped off until 9 AM on school days and has to be picked up by 12 PM, otherwise we are charged fees.  This means by the time I get home, clean up from the morning chaos and sit down to study, job search or write I have maybe an hour before my daughter comes home and needs to be fed and go down for her nap.  This gives me maybe 30 min before I need to go an pick up my son from school.  Instead of having more time I feel like I have less.  It is taking me three times as long to finish these last lessons for school then anticipated mostly due to lack of time and ability to concentrate in the time I do have . . . as my son has also decided that he is a big boy now and does not need to nap anymore,  That is what I get for potty training, putting him in a big boy bed AND taking away hos binki all in the same week!

My daughter . . . .She is my love and my test!  She has an amazing personality already.  She has a smile that melts your 2015-09-11 07.48.08heart, loves to laugh (especially at her brother!) and is determined to walk so they can play together!  During the daylight hours she is a good girl.  She knows what she wants and when she wants it and as long as that happens she is a happy girl,  Once the sun sets, all bets are off!  Despite feeding her solids and giving her a bottle of expressed milk to make sure she is full, she will wake up in the middle of the night and demand to be nursed every 90 min – 2 hours or will scream bloody murder!  I tried telling her this schedule does not work, she doesn’t care.  Rationalizing with e 9 month old never works. *SIGH*

She is working on her two top teeth so I am hoping once they break our night time schedule will get better . . .until then she is an angle during he day and a she-demon at night. Good thing I write as sleep deprivation does wonders for the imagination . . .and good training if I ever become a secret agent!

In addition to all the family craziness I have begun stressing over the fact my unemployment will soon be over.  Once the end of October hits we have no guaranteed income.  Yes I am almost finished school, but that does not mean a position is going to magically fall in my lap!  I am and have been putting applications out for a variety of positions since May, not one has resulted in even an interview. This means time for me to start looking outside the norm.

In addition to traditional positions I am putting myself out there for house cleaning opportunities.  At this time residential and under the table, but with enough interest I will go full on business mode!  I like cleaning though you cannot tell by the state of my home right now.  I find it very therapeutic to clean, helps work out the frustration and leads to good thinking time.  So if you or someone you know is in need of a house cleaner, regular basis or one time deal, shoot me an email at   I am willing to do what ever it takes to care for these two monsters!

2015-09-08 07.34.03