What motivates and inspires you?

This is a question I am asking my self a lot lately. There is a quote I fell in love with when I was in High School.  Every so often I bring it up and each time it has a new perspective depending on the stage I am at in life. Each time is profound.

“One must learn to live, not just how to make a living. But how to find a path of beauty in this life. We begin by knowing who we are.”

~ Chief Powhatan Wahunsunacock

At this point, I know who I am : A Mom, a writer, a friend, a warrior.

My beauty: helping others, listening to my children play, loosing myself in a story.

The one thing that is not set, making a living.  They say do what you love and the rest will follow.  Do what you are good at and the money will come. I was a great teacher, but never financially stable.  I am an amazing Mom (or so my family tells me), yet we still struggle.  I enjoy writing and sharing my stories, still not bringing in the income.

Ironically, what is working: cleaning!  Before my family expanded, first with my love, then with the loves of my life.  I cleaned every weekend like I was built for it.  People would come to my home, I would apologize for the mess and they would look around bewildered at what I was talking about.  This has not changed about me, only my ability and opportunity has changed.

My family all nap from 11 – 1:30 PM every day.  This means I must be quiet as I am unable to nap at that time it was my prime cleaning time for so long.  Now it is my study time as still try and finish school (always good to have a back up!)  Soon it will by my writing time on the days I am not cleaning other peoples homes.  For many this does not seem like a great way to spend there days for me it’s perfect. Why?  It allows me to LIVE!  I can spend time with my two greatest beauties that push me to do more, be more.  That is something I never had while working at a traditional job.

Would you not do what ever it takes for these two?


I will and am!  And it gives me the freedom to make memories with them, that is motivation enough for me!  What motivates you?

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