The last few weeks I have read many articles and had many conversations about how people perceive others.  How moms see other moms (thank you similiac!)

There are also popular blogs like The Mighty were parents and people facing challenges are asked to sound off on challenges they face.

As I can see the need to get a situation out there to release the frustration and pain , let’s face it I have done that!  I applaud the people sharing their story. This is what I do have a problem with, the need to be a victim and the desire to keep judging others.

We all have our issues.  We all have something we are dealing with in our lives.  There are many morals and “rules” in various religions that all say the same thing, You can only judge if your are not able to be judged.  Such a paragon would not exists as they would be judged in judging!

I try very hard not to judge, yet there is always some part of us that questions the actions of others.  This weekend We took my kids to a Halloween event.  Did I question the parent in line with there under 1 child for a ride? Yes. Did I condemn? No, I waited to see if they were going to try and put the child on the ride.  Did we see various parenting styles, yes, did we condemn . . . this is tricky.

There is one parenting style that I cannot stand that is unfortunately very popular.  One of the attractions is a bungee bridge and climbing area.  It is designed for children 2-7 yet much older kids goon all the time.  No problem, older siblings, I get it.  What I do not get is not monitoring your children to make sure they are not pushing or careful of the other children exploring the same attraction.  My son is only 3 and already knows tp watch out for kids smaller than him and to slow down if they are playing together, even to help if they are open to it.  Why you cannot teach your 7+ year old the same concept and allow mass stampeded to hurt the younger children is beyond me.  I have seen this not only at this particular attraction, nor just at this location.  I have seen it at various playgrounds, birthday parties, and children “play” areas.  So yes I will judge you if you are not teaching your kids manners . . .and putting your child in a dangerous situation.   Beyond that, how your raise your child is on you, everyone is different and we all live in glass houses.

We all know what it is liked to be judge, and if you are anything like me you judge yourself enough not to add others judgement to the list.  To the Mom who was renewing their pass next to us this weekend, I know you are coming to grips to being in your early 30’s, but your not old.  You are perfect for you life.  Take it from the Mom next to you who is dealing with turning 40 in the next year . . . .

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