Banned Words

It’s funny to think last year we were worried about my son’s speech. His speech was better than it was six months previously, but still not what an almost 3 year old typically can speak.  Now at almost 4 he talks non stop and picks up new words and phrases every where!

With this new found skill we banned several words in our home.  There are the usual ones of course, the adult curse words are a given.  We have others;  fat, stupid, dumb, idiot, faggot, gay, retarded.  There are also phrases and shows that we do not allow too.  This post is about the words.

These words cause pain, hurt and ignorance.  Things we avoid, they do not help anyone including the person who says them.  It shows a lack of thought, empathy, and creativity.  When I was a teacher in juvenile corrections and my students would curse, we were not allowed to correct them.  My students often asked why I did not curse or like cursing.  I explained to them cursing is limiting, they are filler words for when you cannot think of something else to say, they lack creativity.  So too do our banned words.

The one that stands out to me now is stupid.  I am seeing this word thrown around a lot lately, particularly in regards to a viral post that was about the power ball and math.  Many people called the other people who shared the post or wanted the post to be true these hurtful ignorant words.

Yes the math was wrong, but I do not think that is what people were thinking about when they shared or believed the post.  I know it was not when I first read/saw it.  I thought how great would it be to give everyone a chance to improve their life.  My children would not have to worry about how we are going to pay for school, where we are going to live, or how we are going to keep up with food and clothes for my two cherubs.  I am sure many others feel the same way.  Does that make us dumb or stupid that we did not check the math before hand, no.  It made us hopeful . . . or maybe even a little desperate.

Every “mistake” is a learning experience in our world.  This one was a lesson to remember to not let eagerness for a better life get in the way of  checking the work and keep the negativity to a minimum.  It benefits no one.

How about we use our creativity and think of other words instead of the banned ones when someone is handed a life lesson.

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