Month: March 2016

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble, blah, blah, blah

There has not been a post in awhile . . . for this I apologize.  I have thought of things to post about, even compose them in my head and cannot wait to get home to write them.  Hours go by cleaning other peoples homes, playing and caring for my kids, grocery shopping and I forget what I wanted to write about or I am so tired that I just go to bed instead of spending hours trying to remember the exact phrasing that sounded perfect in my head 12 hours before.  It’s been that busy.

This is not a complaint. I LOVE IT!  Not only am I providing for my family and getting into a position financially that I have not been since leaving teaching for the JJC, but I am doing it with more time to spend with my kids!  For the first time ever we are considering a vacation that will not need my families help in funding.  If things keep up like this with in a few months I will be negotiating the mortgage as well, YES!

The biggest “time suck” is planning my son’d birthday. Again, not a bad thing, but who knew that turning 4 was such a huge deal!  We are not having a party for him in the sense of a bunch of other 4 year olds running around and draining the life out of everyone, especially me.  We are taking him to Chuckie Cheese with his best friend after school (and my getting home from work).  His cake is ordered, made by a friend from a past job, who does amazing work.  I cannot wait to show case it.  She has done two of his other cakes, as you can see they are awesome!

The top two are from his first birthday and an owl cake.  The bottom cake is from last year and his 3rd birthday.  He discovered Kung Fu Panda and really wanted a Kung Fu Panda cake.  My friend mae the fondant decoration on the cake, aren’t they awesome!!!!!

This year is a dino theme, shocker! Do not want to give to much away so we will leave it at that.  As hos birthday is so close to Easter I decided to not send treats into school in the sense of cake, instead I am putting together dino cups from Oriental Trading.  Will be super cute, but again a time sucker! Also worked on getting his birthday presents and Easter gifts for both kids, YIKES!

We have also gone to the zoo twice on random nice days this winter.  The kids love it! My son is taking karate and doing awesome!


In addition to this it is still hit and miss with my daughter sleeping the night, which means its hit and miss on my sleep . .  .hence the ramble of this blog.

Do not fear, there has been me time too! G and I have made many trips to the library so I can feed my need to read . . . MANGA!  Almost finished Fruits Baskets and then onto Kare Kano  (His and Her Circumstances)!

Enough rambling for today, time to ready for YAP and a cleaning client before Paleopalozza tomorrow at the Philadelphia Museum of Natural History!