Spring Fever

The last two months have been a whirl wind.  My business is keeping me busy as are my kids.  And I am loving it!

March is always a busy moth with my son’s birthday.  This year we debated on having a real party for him or not.  In the end we decided to wait one more year before having a “kid” party.

Instead we invited his best friends and family to join us for dinner at Chuck E Cheese. Not one of my favorite places, but on a week day it is not to crowded so the kids can run without worry of the bigger kids pushing them around.  In addition we had a special cake made and decorated the house.  My son, if you don’t already know, LOVES dinosaurs.  This was the theme of this years birthday.

His cake, made by the amazing Samantha at the Gingered Peach in Lawrenceville, NJ.

20160322_180852As you can see he is very happy with it.  We went with The Good Dinosaur instead of Jurassic Park . . . he is only 4.  He also got lots of birthday presents and now wants his birthday to be every day.

Unfortunately all of this almost did not happen.  The week before his birthday I was really sick.  Do not remember the last time I was so ill.  It snuck up on me too.  The Tuesday before his birthday I felt fine, worked like normal, played with the kids when I got home, put my daughter to bed while my husband put our son down.  That night despite being under two comforters and two fleece blankets I was freezing.  I was so cold I could not move.  When I was finally able to get out of bed and check my temperature it was 102.6 . . . . umm what?????

It was not until Thursday afternoon that my fever dropped down below 100 and stayed there.  Thankfully no one else caught whatever my body was fighting and my son’s day was a success.

In addition, out of every “tragedy” there is a beacon.  For me, this spurred my next stage of getting into a better, fitter me.  The last three months I plateaued with my weight loss.  After being sick I lost 4 lbs.  With another 20-30lbs to go I decided this was the time to take my plan to the next level.  I started interval jogging, not far right now, but enough to start building my lung strength and endurance.  This last week we started adding weight training.  The goal, to show my kids you can do anything if you are determined enough to put forth the effort.

My son is already asking why Momma is working out. He wants to run with Momma and I want to be able to do it with him.  I tell him that Momma wants to get stronger so she can run with him, he loves it and wants to help me train.  For that I am grateful for my spring fever.

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