The roles that we play

As we go through life we all have various rolls we play.  Child, smart aleck, know-it-all,  student, partner, teacher, parent, grandparent; these are all learning experiences for us as individuals.  These rolls also affect the other players.

This is not something I really dwelt upon even though it has been in my peripheral.  Now that I have children, this thought comes to the forefront even more.  Is how I am playing my roles of Mom, wife, worker, volunteer, human being setting a good example for my kids?  Are these roles helping or hurting them?  Is it enough?

Even beyond the roles I play, how are the roles of others affecting my children?

One of the biggest roles I look at is that of Grand Parents.  Both my grandfathers passed away before I was born.  My paternal Grandmother passed when I was very young.  Even though I remember her, it is vague.  My maternal Grandmother passed when I was in my early 20s . . . . Having only really known my one grandparent how has that affected me as an adult, a parent, eventually a grandparent?

My mom is the epitome of a grandparent.  My kids adore her, especially my 4 year old.  He knows Nana means cuddles and toys and adventures with the bonus of a guaranteed playmate for any adventure he can think up.  My Mom loves it.

I never knew this side of a grandparent growing up.  It makes me wonder how other roles in my life molded me and how these roles are molding my kids.  In the end am I putting to much thought into the importance of these roles?

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