Out of the Waiting Place

When both of my children were born I searched for a book that I would use as a year book of sorts for their life.  I add pictures to it of places we have been and asked people to sign it to show how far they have come and how many lives they have touched.  The story I chose for my son is Dr. Seuss’ Oh the Places you will go!

One of the portions of this story that always stuck with me is the portion of the waiting place.  I spent a long time in my waiting place, trying to figure out my life.  Even after recognizing that I was in a waiting place and knowing I needed to move on I could not figure out how.

Then about a year ago I was forced out of my waiting place.  I was let go from a job I thought I wanted . . . needed. Without any real skill set to obtain another position that would let me provide for my family.  I was going to school for Medical coding and billing but with two young children (my son was three and my daughter only 4 months) it was slow going.  A part of me knew that job and company would never be enough for me to raise my children but it was something and is that not better than nothing?

WRONG!  That was just another waiting place.  It was not my place, no matter how hard I tried to make it work.  Doesn’t the saying go, if it is work to make it work it is not the place for you?

A lot has happened this last year.  After not even getting a call for an interview for anything I applied to I started cleaning homes.  I now work less hours making the same amount of money, technically a little more, and get to spend time with my children, working on my stories and soon finishing up my lessons for medical coding and billing (yeah I know why not finished yet? That is an entirely different story).

Looks like I needed a push out of the waiting place, now to see where we are heading next . . . Oh the places we will go!

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