Thank you!

It is difficult to believe that I started this site a year ago.  I know only like 3 people read this but it has helped me so much this last year.  I started a blog in order to work on my writing and tell better, stronger stories.  This is still my focus and drive.  Yet this has become more.

It was a way for me to deal with a major change in my life. The loss of my job, change in careers, the demands of two children and still finding space for me.  This blog has been my therapist and thank you for sharing it with me!

As a thank you I would like to share a sneak peak into two on my WIPs (Work In Progress). The first has been a labor of love for the last four years.  It has been put on the back burner for way to long and its ready to be told . . . sort of.  It’s not finished, but the characters keep coming out to play, time to let them!

The Forgotten: Tribe of the Moon

Ren and Naoki made it back to the grand hall just as a great silence fell.

“What do you think is happening in there? Should we go in?”  Naoki wondered holding his ear to the door in hopes to catch the tone from with in. “Maybe someone else has caught the wrath of the Nerys and we can be spared”.  When no sounds could be determined, next trying to peer through a key hole turning his head to see if it would make a difference in seeing better.

Ren had another idea. “I think the silence is because of me and what I did, not you.  They need to accept me. If you want to go in ahead and separate for what I am about to do, I encourage and ask you to. Otherwise, for this you may get in trouble as well. You should not be punished for my choices, it’s not right.” He closed his eyes and began to concentrate letting the energy that flowed within him self rise up.

“What do you plan to do? It is not in your best interest either to raise the ire of the Nerys any more and with it that of the Ba’als. Please think of what you are about to do!” Naoki pleaded imploringly with his brother.

Looking up at the unseen sky from within the hall “I feel the power, the moon is almost full. During the last full moon I discovered I could do something that the counsel will either like or really hate, I show it to them today. I can make myself seen with out being seen. I can make myself as if made of glass yet stronger then anything seen by this tribe before. It is like I am made of moonlight and can walk though the night as if part of it.” With those words, he became so.

The next is the most recent guest to my imaginative journey.  When I ran it past my husband he said it is like a cross of Power Rangers meets the Happening . . . still trying to figure out if that is good or not, but these characters are not going anywhere until their story is told!

Awakening Forces (Maybe still working on this)

The Characters:

5 main characters. 3 females all blonde. 2 males. 1-black hair, melted chocolate eyes . 1 russet brown hair with moss green eyes.

Female 1 – Rich, an come off as conceited and spoiled. Her eyes are honey colored and has the ability to control others will. She struggles with the morality of it.
Female 2 – the body guard. Former MMA fighter, never lost. Her speed and agility make her a tough component, but her lean frame hides her true power, strength.
Female 3 – seems shy and mousy upon meeting her. She is used to hiding her intellect as to not intimidate others. She is immensely curious and it often puts her in a perilous position.
Male 1 – The first to discover why they are all brought together, has the ability to see the past as if it is the present.
Male 2 – taken by surprise by the entire situation, has a major crush on the body guard (she brushes him off frequently despite attraction as her only focus is keeping client safe, and distractions are not welcome, yes she has been hurt before) which is why he was hanging around to begin with. Has ability to fly.
Teacher: Male? Ancestor of female 1 & male 1 but neither know it? Looks like Male 1. Male 1 able to see his story via ability. He also had ability of flight. He was once a defender against this evil as well.

Basic Summary:

They all have amazing abilities, but only the females are aware of what they are capable of, but not why.

There is an evil that exists. Deep in the woods of Maine. People are disappearing from a local town. Locals and tourists alike, yet no one investigates or seems to notice.

At first it is believed the flora of the forest are the culprit, causing the people who try to pick/cultivate it to become its slave in order for it to spread. This is just how the true evil finds food and those to serve. The heroes go deeper into the woods and find a deep cave. It is here true evil resides and is the force they must defeat to save the enslaved and stop others from falling pray.

This one is only a few weeks old and still in the getting to know you stage, just like any new relationship.  Really hoping these two can get along! This next year I will be taking time to work with and on both of them!

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