What do you Choose?

Typically we do not watch the news in our home. Will turn it on for the weather report and then the children’s shows come on.  We do this not because we want to turn a blind eye to the world today or ignorance is bliss but more because we want our kids to live this time of innocence in happiness and love.

This world is filled with so much hate and anger  right now.  It saddens me that we as a people still fear what they do not understand.  This has been human instinct since the beginning of time, but it is time we evolve past it.  Over the thousands of years we have existed on this planet humans have insisted on classifying things, places, ourselves.  We classify by where something lives, what they eat, how they feed their young, and what they look like.  In addition, humans also classify each other  by the homes we live in, the religion we practice, the vehicle we drive, the clothes we wear, our hair, make up, education, job.  We judge all of these  things and define them based on what?  Happenstance of birth?

I am not going to lie.

I will judge you.

I will classify you.

This division will be based on how you treat others.   Are you nice? Real nice or fake nice?  Are you really trying or just going through the motions? I will understand if its a one time deal, we all have our off days.  Though if every time I see you your behavior is poor, you treat others as less, you laugh at instead of help, I will judge you. These behaviors are not acceptable in my world.  In my world, we choose love, compassion, understanding without being bully or push over.

When putting my children to bed every night I tell them a story.  The story is about a child who is brave, strong, kind, smart, clever, caring, defends those who need help, shares with others, and knows when enough is enough.  Somehow their names are always the same as my kids . . . because we teach love, compassion and understanding at a young age.  Most kids are born with it.  In order to retain it in the judgmental classifying world, we need to reinforce the behaviors we want our children to have, not just reprimand the ones we don’t want them to have.

We choose love, how about you?


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