Don’t Yuck Another’s Yum

I once had a coworker who would always made lunch interesting.  She was always curious to see what others had for lunch and would often compliment them on what they had to eat.  If someone else would comment negatively toward another food she would simply say, “don’t yuck another’s yum.”

Always thought was a cute and funny little saying. One I picked up. I use it when my four year old says something is yucky without trying, especially if it something given to him from someone outside the family!  We tell him, ” Don’t yuck someone else’s yum, especially if you won’t even try it.” We would would modify to it include when his sister, our 19 month old, eats sand from the sand table or random things from the ground/floor BUT that is just gross so we let that slide.

The more I try to teach this philosophy to my kids, the more I realize it is not just food that this is applied to in life.  The age old debate between parents and their kids about hair, dress and music are proof of this.  Can you remember thinking your parents music was lame and your parents couldn’t understand how you could like yours. . . yeah, those were the days!

In a time when there is a lot of hate and anger being spewed it reminds me of the phrase “Don’t yuck another’s yum.”

So you do not agree with someones politics, debate it but don’t hate it.  You don’t like something someone shares or posts and can’t be civil, scroll on.  Don’t like some one’s parenting style, but no one is in danger, walk on.

We do not have to agree with everyone all the time, but we do not have to spew hate either.  And that reminds me of another wise saying, this time from my youth . . . you catch more flies with honey.

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