What would you say?

The last few weeks have been a flurry of activities, life events, and ideas.  The next two weeks there should be a bit more time to share all of these with you.  This is the last week of the crazy summer schedule and though it has been a blessing, looking forward to having time to focus on what is important again.

The last week or two, and this week in particular, my son has grown more defiant and in need of my attention.  My background allows me to understand  it has a lot to do with my not being home much as well as the amount of attention his younger sister still requires.  Unfortunately, our son is not a self-reliant little boy.  He is used to and likes have the people around him focus on him and what he is doing.

When he was younger ( Yes he is only 4 now so by younger I mean pre-daughter who is 20 months) his Dad would sit with him in the playroom while he played and do nothing but just be there in case he was needed.  These two were nearly inseparable.  Despite my warnings of not allowing our guy to learn how to be “alone” the behavior continued.  After our daughter was born this was able to continue for a bit as I was home most of the last year.  With this year’s schedule and my leaving before the kids are up and getting home just in time for dinner (usually) and bed time, there has not been much one on one play time with the little guy.

This has led to tantrums, expected, and night time visits to Momma.  He will either cry until I come and find out what is wrong or he sneaks into my room to see if he can stay with me.  My son calls them sleepovers.  He says he does not want to be alone, he does not like it. He is scared.  He misses me.

In short, he is turning into a master manipulator.

Most nights I can get him to settle back down in his own bed with a snuggle and a story.  Then there are nights like last night where I was to exhausted to get up and let him climb into bed with me.

As it was Wednesday, I was settling in with one of my guilty pleasures and watching Property Brothers:Buying and Selling on HGTV.  After my son climbed into bed I said we will watch one of his shows then its eyes closed and bed time.  His response, It’s Ok we can watch this I like the pretty ladies (referring to the home owner) . . . .

“I like the pretty ladies”  has been uttered a few time from this little boys mouth, my preschooler whom we do not push gender identity or teach to identify things by pretty or ugly as all things are wondrous likes the pretty ladies.  Last night I finally had a response other than “I know.”  Last night he was told it is OK to like the pretty ladies but to love the ones with a beautiful mind an amazing heart.

His response, that is why I love you Momma . . . (master manipulator remember!)

I am in trouble . . .

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