Month: October 2016

Vomit vs Bubble

The last month or more has been jammed pack with activities and to-do lists.  Much of this was in preparation for a much-needed vacation. As a result, my anxiety and temper would often flare up.

Many people have a difficult time believing I have a temper.  I am often described as even natured, always happy, etc.  This is because I am usually really good at bottling up the emotions that are churning inside. Compartmentalizing if you would. Though handy for getting through the day-to-day, not so good for the inside.  Unfortunately, my family gets the brunt of the repercussions.

Usually,  I can put the stressors of life in a bubble and blow them away by writing, reading, gardening, crocheting; something that calms and relaxes me and puts life in perspective.  Alas,  this is not always possible.

Just before we went on vacation with what felt like a million things to do and a major bought of PMS I erupted in a vomit of hate and spew.  It was just too much for me to handle.  My man usually gets the brunt of it.  Normally he weathers it well.  This time not so much.

With my personal diagnosis of being premenopausal, really should get to the OB and have the test done, I am not 100% sure my normal coping techniques are going to weather future storms.  Seriously thinking it’s time to start finding better ways to handle the stress of life beyond putting it in a bubble or vomiting it all out all at once.