Month: November 2016

Rock the Vote

In America, and now many other places around the world, we are blessed with the ability to have a say in how our government works.  It is a privilege to be able to do so.  Unfortunately may of my generation and younger do not do nor care about.

This presidential year has been very taxing on the American public. Fraught with hate, loud whispers of  cheating, crimes; not a single this is who I am and how I am looking to help you.  Every campaign seems to be about how horrible the other person is.  This tactic is depressing and only stirs up the American people to fight amongst each other . . .  ,of course that is most likely what they want.

You see when the people picker and argue it gives others the chance to take advantage.  This is why your vote is cast in a private setting where no one but you can see.  Your vote is just that, yours.  If you let others sway you in what you feel is right because a vote for anyone else is a vote for who you don’t want, then no one wins.  You vote for someone who you didn’t believe in, the person whom you did want doesn’t win and the person whom you do vote for does not make the needed changes you feel we need.

Guess I am saying is just go out and vote tomorrow for who you feel is right not who others are telling you to vote for.  The important thing is that you go out and have your voice heard because not voting means you have no right to complain about how the government of our country works, you gave up that right when you did not vote.