Lookie Lookie

I am not sure where to even begin with this one.  Life has taken so many adventures the last month that I have not had the opportunity to share.  That in its self is a tale!

To catch up, my day job kept me on my toes leading up to Thanksgiving.  I started on this path just over a year ago as not only a means to provide for my family after a job loss and the lack of job market for someone with my skill set, but to also have flexibility in my career to be active in my children’s lives.  It felt like I missed so many firsts with my son always being at work and did not want that again with my daughter.  Little did I know I would be in such demand that I am away from home a LOT more than expected.  This is in no way a complaint!

With not realizing how quickly this career choice would blossom, combined with my sleep deprived state from said daughter rarely sleeping through the night (she just turned two, but that is a post for another time) it has made me a bit more klutzy than normal!  Never fear, no one was hurt with my klutziness.  Unless you count my computer.

A week or so before Thanksgiving I knocked my drink over my laptop while I was working on it.  I tried to clean it up quickly, but to no avail; by the next morning the computer would not turn on.

Thankfully every important document except my check book was saved to an outside source.  Between social media and online clouds all my children’s videos and pictures where preserved.  More than anything I was made at myself because I knew better.

On the bright side, just after the holiday I got my new laptop!  The man and  I agree, this is just a temporary one until we find a better fit, this will become my travel computer while the next one will be home use only.  Why do I need two computers do you ask? Well . . .  I was not busy enough being a business owner/operator, mom, volunteer, struggling author so I decided to add another business to my belt!  I am now a consultant for Tealightful Tea!  I LOVE TEA!  Dreamed of owning a tea shop for almost 20 years now. This is a way to make that dream come true! You can check out my consultant page here or my Facebook page
here !

In addition to this my son and I have ran two more races, I picked up two more clients, my daughter and husband had birthdays and now I am holiday shopping.  You would think this would make more tired, instead I wake up at 1 AM with a random thought that keeps me awake until I do something about it.

As I wrote this it morphed into something much different then I was planning, but at least you can see why I haven’t been blogging!  This next week I plan on starting my holiday baking, hoping to share that adventure with you soon!  In the mean time here is a make you smile picture of my kids with Santa!15259702_10209076980655439_1825021389865059640_o

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