Breaking the Box

Most of my life I dealt with issues by compartmentalizing them.  Work and personal life were mostly kept separate.  There are always work friends and non work friends; they may hear about work but they were separate in my world.  I was different in both of them.

As I grew and expanded my world, more compartments or boxes developed.  Volunteering, work, family, working out, writing; these worlds were all kept separate.  Rarely would I mix the boxes together. This is how I was able to keep balance in my life, or so I thought.  I created separate personas on social media; despite often posting similar stories. I thought this was the best way to keep things organized.

By keeping the parts of my life separate I thought I would have more control.  How foolish.

By keeping these parts of me separate I was never able to fully become who I am. By keeping life “simple” and “organized”, as I told myself I was doing, was actually making life more difficult and complicated.  My life is not made of parts, but of all of it.  The entire jumbled mess of it!

I am a mother, an entrepreneur, a writer, a volunteer, an overachiever, and occasionally a hot mess.  My emotions are all over the place, I become distracted and have a difficult time focusing (hoping is is due to trying to keep everything separate and my kids!)  Because  I am all of these things my life is amazing!

Embracing all of these parts of me is making me a happier person. Expect to see more of a blend in the future.  My tea business will be shown more on my personal, author, and Celiac pages.  My day to day emotions are going to seep into my writing.  My quest to loose weight will be more prevalent.  I am not perfect, and that is OK.  The more I allow me to be me the happier and more productive I will be!

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