To Poo or not to Poo

Anyone who knows me understands I am all about a good deal.  I have blogged about couponing before.  It is an addiction.  If I can get something for pennies or free I am all over it; if it is something a company is paying me to take home, watch out! Case in point, I currently have 16 bottles of shampoo and conditioner on my storage shelves.  Don’t even get me started on the amount of toilet paper I have!

Why you ask?  Because the companies paid me to take them home! Makes sense right!


Not the answer you were expecting?  Let me explain.

Just before Thanksgiving I started using the no poo method (not using conventional shampoo and conditioner).  I have researched this method for almost a year, including speaking with people I know personally who also don’t poo.

Let me guess the next question . . .why?

Since the birth of my daughter my hair and skin have been a total mess.  I cut it pixie short to help cut off the damage and for convenience. 14955863_10208897981460571_3397250252467152364_n This was taken on Halloween, with the culprit of my hair dilemma.  Not horrible but not great either.Even with taking into account I already worked a few hours that morning, my hair was not doing well. Though a lot less frizzy then it was the year before, it still does not have the look at me shine and glow of healthy hair. Desperate times call for desperate measures, especially since I decided to start growing my hair back out.  As a Leo, my mane is all important!

About the time of my 40th, I started experimenting with my skin care. Lack of sleep and stress made me feel like my skin was haggard looking.  That does not work for the forty and fabulous club I was to joining! This experiment involved vinegar as a toner.  After a few weeks I noticed a difference in my pores and less breakouts too. For someone who breaks out at the slightest temperature change, this was pretty cool and got me considering the no poo method even more.

In general, I already did not “wash” my hair every day.  Lets face it, I am a mom of two young children; I am lucky when I get to pee in peace. Taking a shower is an absolute luxury!

Like most major changes, the decision was not made quickly.  It was after talking to a friend just before Thanksgiving that I decided to take the plunge! After just one washing I could see and feel a difference. This picture was taken a day or two after my first attempt at the no poo method.  The volume and shine alone made it completely worth the experiment.  The only time I blow dry my hair is when I am at the salon.  My idea of styling is combing or brushing it as it dries and hope it stays somewhat like that.  I tend to run my hands through my hair a lot so it is not likely.  This picture was also taken on a chilly day at the zoo, so this is even wind tossed!15252534_10157775388915585_5668195309581824085_o

It has now been over a month since I switched.  I am now even using baking soda as a facial scrub once a week and vinegar as a toner after each face washing.  I still use my Noxzema as a general cleanser, but adding these in has added even more clarity and tone to my skin, at least I think so.  If you were to ask my man, he says no one sees themselves accurately. How about you decide.

This is a picture taken after this weeks washing and facial.  I made sure to take the “beauty face” setting off on this one too.

20170108_164412My hair is not styled and just air dried.  I am not wearing makeup in any of the pictures.  What do you think?  Me I am going to keep up the no poo, so far I am pleased with the results!

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