Month: May 2017

Wishes for Homes

Have you ever picked a dandelion flower that has gone to seed and made a wish?  My family does almost every day, even my 5 and 2-year-old.  Our wish is always the same, for a place to call home.  We often talk about when we win the lottery starting a foundation to help people in the situation we are in now; people who work 40+ hours a week but cannot seem to get ahead.  People who are doing their best to give their kids a happy and healthy environment, but it seems to be just out of reach.

As outspoken as I can sometimes be, this is one of the most difficult things ever spoken about.  My family is losing our home.  It has been a long battle and we are admitting defeat.  Or maybe tactical retreat? It has in truth been a little overwhelming; feels like this is my test in letting the universe steer the ship and letting go of control, not something very easy for me.

In early March, we found out we need to move, specifically being forced to move.  You would think having two months notice it is not a big deal, unfortunately, it is.  With two kids, a fledgling business, and starting a second business this is the last change we needed now.  At first, we applied for an apartment, unsuccessfully.  Then we tried renting a private property, again unsuccessfully.   The hold up? My credit took a huge hit between claiming bankruptcy 4.5 years ago and losing my job 2 years ago. I now work for myself cleaning homes and most private renters do not like my proof of income.  This is leaving us in limbo.

My family have generously offered to help us buy a home; they do not want to see us homeless.  Their generosity has given us renewed hope.

We will pay them back 100%, though I am hoping with the generosity of others we can make this faster than normal; easing the stress for all of us. Despite my family telling me do not stoop to charity, I will not let my pride hold me back from asking others for help.  If you wish to help support what will be our first Wishes for Home purchase I have created a gofundme page (wishes-for-home) to help make our dream of a home come true.   I, and my kids, are truly thankful for every penny that is donated to help us get back on our feet and start the process of helping others!