Setting Intentions

My entire life I have been told, work hard, keep your head down and do what is expected.  I heard how we are the worker bees of the world and as long as I do my job well, no matter what it is I will get by.

I am tired of just getting by. It is not what I am built for in reality.

The number of books I have read, the people have talked to and my own gut all the say the same thing; we are what we believe we are.  By telling myself I am only meant for scrapping by and working hard, that is all I will ever achieve.  That time is over.

Since I last posted about my intention of becoming a full time Momma, part time writer and part time tea sales I have booked 4 more tea events with 2 more in the works!   I am writing this just a few days after my last post.  I feel more involved with my kids and have a much calmer clearer mind when it comes to their behaviors and needs.

Sure it helps that I started taking medication for my congestion and that always makes you feel good.

But really its my mind and body are working as one, they are not at war with each other as the intention of both are now aligned.   It’s not that I do not have worries and fears, it’s the focus of my intentions are shifting to what my heart and instinct have wanted but my brain and training has guided me away from.

We tell our kids the most important part is trying and giving it your best.  Thought the outcome may not be what you want, the fact you are trying with everything you have is the win.  More importantly, just because the outcome was not what you wanted, does not mean you give up, you get back up and find another way to make it happen.  If it is something you truly want, you will figure it out. Now to set the example, figure it out and make it happen.

Intentions are set, follow through and go for it!


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