Samhain Greetings

Halloween.  A time for binge eating candy, dressing up as someone or thing that is not you.  It’s a time for hay rides, apple and pumpkin picking and, of course, Trick or Treating.  This is Halloween as most people know it.

Halloween did not start out this way.  There was a time when this time of year was feared as it is said the veil between the living and the dead is thin and those who have passed can walk among the living.  This can be scary for some to handle, they fear the thought of death and have labeled this time as a time of evil with everything associated with it.

Before the fear took over, this was a time of celebration.  For many it was a time of thanks, to celebrate one seasons end and the Earth resting for winter. Recognizing the change in season, the sun staying out less and the moon more. It was a time when many also felt the passing of loved ones a bit more than usual. An ending, if you may.

One ending also leads to a new beginning.

They would bury apples to give thanks to Earth for providing them with fruitful harvest. These people would carve pumpkins and light them with candles for their departed loved ones to find their way and leave a plate of salt, bread and apple cider for their departed family to nourish them on their journey.  They would light candles and remember the departed with joy and honor their memory.

This was not a time of fear, but a time of gratitude and a time to rest before the Earth wakes again and we can enjoy her bounty.

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