Why we stay.

Over the last few years my family had the opportunity to move in with my parents. A trend more and more people are doing in order to save money in this expensive time when cost of living is much higher then incomes. We seriously considered it after our oldest was born. We held out only for the fact my commute would have went from 10.5 miles to over 60 miles one way. In my son’s first year of life, that would not have been sustainable for me.

Shortly after our son turned 1, my parents made a HUGE decision and one I am very happy for them for making. My parents decided to retire and move to Florida. My brother and his family moved down the year before. My parents went to visit just before my youngest nephew’s second birthday. It took one week and my parents made plans to have a house built. They offered for us to move with them.

Offered again once they moved in. Continue to offer every couple of months . . .

Now what could keep us in a home we cannot currently afford and barely scrapping by? I would normally answer my job. For a while that was true. Tough even as the job began to change and became less enjoyable I would still say the job. Only that was not it, not really.

When I dream of when I can go anywhere and live anywhere, one thing keeps bringing me back to where we are now. It is not the house we live in or the possibility of what we could have or the sense of failure if we do leave. More it is my second family. The friends who are more than just friends.

These people are the ones that opened my eyes and heart to a world outside of the everyday. These are the people who watched me grow, fall and claw my way back up with the same support and love my family showed me.

Who are they? They are my Special Olympics Family. They are people who come from all walks of life and into mine and various stages. There is not one that I can imagine life without.

Paulaanne, "my idol"!
Paulaanne, “my idol”!
The Dream Team!
Me, Paulaanne, Natalie, Carol volunteering at Floor Hockey Tournament 2007

How am I to move to another state and leave them behind? How can I not see them every weekend? I am not saying they are more important then my family by blood, but they represent a part of my life I do not know how to let go. My family is a part of me I will never have to choose between. No matter how far apart we live we will always be a phone call away. Will I be able to say the same for my other family?

An afternoon of shenanigans

Have you ever tried coming up with an afternoon activity with two children, the oldest only 3? It’s not an easy feat. Especially when you are looking at this challenge as the only adult supervisor.

On Thursday my man asked if I could take the kids for a few hours so he could work on what will be our son’s big boy room and we can finally transition our daughter into the nursery. Of course I said yes, but inside I was thinking, how the heck am I going to pull this off?

My kids are good kids, just young. My son is full of energy and curiosity and often wants one of us to join him the first time he does something as a just in case and to see how it’s done. We often hear “Look momma, look daddy!” as he plays and explores. This is awesome when we are both present, but now we are adding in my very clingy 6 month old who also wants to be held constantly!

Thankfully I received a call from a good friend saying she had the afternoon off and wanted to know if I was open to hang out! Told her I was taking the kids out for a bit, but if she wanted to join then she was more than welcome, she said YES!

We took the kids to the Garden State Discovery Museum! It was a blast! As you can see, having my friend with me was a huge help!

We spent a great deal of time in the Dino room, they are my son’s favorite!

Dino Hatch-ling
Dino Hatch-ling 
2015-06-19 19.04.34
Dino Puzzle Time!
2015-06-19 19.04.45
Look at these fossils!
2015-06-19 19.04.54
What’s this one?

There were lots of areas to play and expolre!

2015-06-19 19.03.21
Who needs our help? We are on our way!
I got this!
I got this!
2015-06-19 19.03.35
Aunt Amy holding my girl while her brother has me off and running!
2015-06-19 19.03.43
Oink Oink!
2015-06-19 19.04.02
You want me to build what?!?!
2015-06-19 19.04.14
Love you Momma!
2015-06-19 19.04.25
Thank you for joining us Aunt Amy!

Yes, thank you Aunt Amy! The day would not have been as fun without you!

Lacking accomplishment

At the end of April I was let go from my full time position. I made plans for this period of time I would be unemployed. These included finishing an online study at your own pace program, spending more time with my family, and working on writing.

All of these have been put into motion! The main focus is and will always be on my family. This, as it always will be my main focus , it has caused other areas to fall behind. This is leading to a feeling of lack of accomplishment.

In my head I planned on being done school by now. Unfortunately, I am not even close. Over the last 6 weeks only three lessons are completed. Granted these lessons were bigger then anticipated, but still not good. Part of this is not spending as much time studying as I should, time management is a little bit of an issue as I get use to working from home. Another road block is all home life responsibilities falling to me as well.

Now that I am home all the dishes are left for me to wash, laundry to do, as well as ALL the shopping. Yes I like looking for deals, but I loathe shopping. It seems at least twice a week I am going shopping.

With my weekends opening up I am hoping to limit the weekday trips which will lead to more study time during the week. My son also finishes school for the year tomorrow, another adjustment in the making!

Today is a study day, so let’s get to it!

Weekend whirl wind!

What a weekend! The weekend I had the pleasure of being a part of the 2015 Special Olympics New Jersey Summer Games. This weekend was made even more special as my daughter attended her first big event as well.

She did great on Saturday making the full day with us. It makes me happy to see my children involved in volunteering. It will teach them so much.

Hailey SONJ Summer Games 6.13.15
Hailey SONJ Summer Games

Weekends such as these also help rejuvenate me as well. The weekend it’s self is tiring, walked over 10,000 steps before noon on Saturday, yet they are so worth it! The events recharge my batteries, helping me refocus and remember what is important. Getting out of my own head helps as well! And working with thus amazing group of people made it all happen!

SONJ Team Softball Committee
SONJ Team Softball Committee

Hello world!


Welcome to my world!

What is my world?  It is a fascinating place that is working on balancing the demands of dreams, family, and reality.  This is where I will be sharing the tidbits of this balance.  In addition, you will be lucky enough to get the inside scoop of The Forgotten, the series I am writing.

You will find I am a mom of two amazing children, have two fur kids as well, and volunteer. My life is rich and I hope you enjoy the fruits it offers as much as I do!

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